Kayak Rental and Shuttle Service in

Somerset, New Richmond, Star Prairie, WI


We are not yet open for the 2018 season. 


Apple River Kayak, LLC


Making the Most of Your Trip

Safety Tips and Rules of the River


We provide:  Kayak, Life Jacket, Paddle, Dry Bag

A short lesson will be provided shore-side in the basics of getting into and out of your kayak and how to use your paddle to stabilize, propel and steer your boat.


You should bring:  Shoes you can wear in the river that will stay firmly on your feet (flip flops not recommended), clothing that can get wet, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, snack, bug spray, waterproof watch.  *Consider having a towel and change of clothes in your car for the trip home.


What not to bring:  Anything you don't want to leave in the river.  Kayaking is a wet sport.  You may capsize, spilling the contents of your boat into the river.  Drugs and alcohol do not mix with kayaking and are not allowed on your trip.  We reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone who appears impaired or intoxicated.  


Expectations:  Wear your life jacket (required by law for children under 13).  Kayaking is an athletic, interactive sport.  You will need the ability to portage your equipment including your kayak, paddle and life jacket from the shuttle to the water and back out of the water to the storage area at the end of the trip. You will need the physical capabilities to paddle and navigate for the duration of your chosen trip.  


You will need to read and sign a waiver and equipment rental forms before your trip begins stating that you understand the risks and responsibilities of kayaking on a river.


River Etiquette:  

No glass bottles

Pack out all your litter - do not leave anything in the river or along the bank

Be considerate of others using the river

Do not trespass on private property

Do not harvest any plants or animals in or along the river